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Health ProtectorGuard Fixed Indemnity Plans Pay Cash For Covered Medical Services



Health ProtectorGuard – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Cash for Covered Medical Services


Your health can change suddenly, which makes it hard to budget for medical bills. What if you could get help paying those bills? Health ProtectorGuard is fixed indemnity insurance, which means it pays a fixed amount of money for medical services covered by your plan.F10 Health ProtectorGuard combines cash benefits with added discounts to help offset those out-of-pocket costs your main insurance doesn’t cover.


Learn More About Health ProtectorGuard

No deductible to meet

1st dollar coverage - a fixed benefit is paid for covered expenses once the expense is submitted. No deductibles!

Go anywhere for care

No restrictions on where you get care. Benefits pay set amount regardless of what doctor or facility you use.

100% of benefit

100% of benefit for covered cost is paid regardless of other insurance coverage or what the service actually cost.


Why Health ProtectorGuard – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Who can get help from a Health ProtectorGuard plan?


Or gig worker

Need Extra Coverage Now

Apply year round

Have High Deductible

Or other out-of-pocket costs

Worried about Surprise Bills

Like from a hospital stay or ambulances


Have Out-of-Network Costs

Helps wherever you get care


Choosing the Right Plan

How will you use your Health ProtectorGuard plan?

A Little Help

For the lowest Health ProtectorGuard premium, Choice Value plans offer straightforward set cash benefits in many health service areas you need, like hospital stays and surgeries, doctor and urgent care visits and more.

Recommended Plan: Choice Value

Office/Urgent Care Visits

If visits to the doctor are common for you, one of the Preferred plans would be a good fit. Preferred plans cover the same health service areas as other HPG plans but include benefits for 10 office/urgent care visits per calendar year – the most of any HPG plans.

Recommend Plan: Primary Preferred

Just in Case

The highest per day hospital stay benefit. The highest intensive care unit stay benefit. The most benefits paid for ambulance trips, emergency room visits and outpatient surgical facilities. Health ProtectorGuard Premier Plus helps when the unexpected happens.

Recommended Plan: Premier Plus


Health ProtectorGuard Options – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Take a glance at the benefits & Compare with confidence

A fixed indemnity plan, like Health ProtectorGuard underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is one that pays a predetermined amount of money for any qualified medical services you receive. So, for example, if your plan specifies a $50 per day benefit for X-rays and you break your arm and have to get an X-ray, the plan pays $50.

No. A fixed indemnity plan is not an Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, health plan.

It is not major medical insurance. It does not provide coverage for all the essential health benefits outlined in the ACA. Unlike an ACA plan, it will not provide coverage for expenses resulting from any preexisting medical conditions. Read your plan carefully to see what is and what isn’t covered.

Fixed indemnity insurance provides limited benefits. It pays a certain amount per covered service up to a calendar-year or lifetime maximum.

All health insurance plans have out-of-pocket costs you, the insured, have to pay. It might be:

  • A deductible, an amount you have to pay before insurance will pay benefits
  • A percentage of covered expenses you have to pay even after you’ve met your deductible, what’s called coinsurance
  • Or a fixed fee, a copay, that you owe for a particular medical service

Regardless, your health insurance plan comes with costs built in that you are responsible for paying.

Fixed indemnity insurance is designed to be a supplemental plan that helps with some of those costs by paying a set amount of money for certain qualified expenses. That money can help pay down a deductible or cover a copay or coinsurance amount.

In short, it can help you manage the out-of-pocket costs that inevitably come with your medical insurance plan.

You’re familiar with your major medical insurance plan, which pays for all or a percentage of covered expenses after you meet certain deductibles, copays or out-of-pocket costs. And often, the payments the insurance company makes for you are made directly to health care providers. You see them later on in an explanation of benefits form.

Indemnity insurance payment works differently. It pays a certain predetermined amount for health care expenses specified in the plan. There are no deductibles to meet. Once a claim for a qualified expense is submitted, the amount the plan specifies for that service is paid. The money is fixed and is paid regardless of benefits that may be paid from other insurance.

Steps in Using Indemnity Insurance

  1. Qualified Medical Expense Performed
  2. Claim Submitted
  3. Set Benefit Paid

As soon as there's a qualified service performed, the doctor or facility, or in some cases you, will submit a claim for that service. The preset amount for that service will then be paid. If the preset amount doesn't cover the total bill, you are responsible for what's left. However, if there's any benefit money left after the service is paid in full, you receive that remaining amount.

Yes, you can see your own doctor. No, you don’t have to stay in a particular network of doctors or providers. You are paid a fixed amount for certain services, so where you get those services is up to you.

Important: Your fixed indemnity plan won’t have network limitations, but your major medical plan often will. To get the most coverage out of your insurance, keep your main health insurance plan’s network in mind.

Beyond what you pay to have the plan, what the insurance company calls your premium, no. Fixed indemnity insurance has no deductible or copay you have to meet first. If you or your provider claim a qualified service, the set benefit is paid.

Yes, you will.

This is called a coordination of benefits issue, when the coverages from two separate insurance policies overlap. With your fixed indemnity insurance, there is no coordination of benefits conflict. It pays the fixed benefit for the covered expense regardless of whether another insurance plan you have is also paying toward that same expense.

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