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Travel Insurance

From International Medical Group® (IMG®)

You’re travelling out of the country, either taking a short trip or living abroad for a time. It’s exciting anticipating the new things you’ll see, the fun you’ll have, but you have concerns, too. IMG has created travel insurance products to help with those concerns.


What if I get sick or injured in an unfamiliar country?

How do I find the right care and pay for it? Even if you have a traditional medical plan, chances are your plan isn’t designed for international travel. IMG has a plan for that.


What if something unforeseen affects my plans or I face delays or lost bags?

So much is out of your control when you travel. IMG has a plan for that.

Other Travel Medical Insurance Options

Don't see what you need here? Explore other options for helping you stay covered wherever you go.


Other Travel Medical Insurance Options

Don't see what you need here? Explore other options for helping you stay covered wherever you go.


Pack Some Peace of Mind Right Next to Your Toothbrush

Travel insurance products from IMG can’t stop the unexpected from happening, but they can allow you to pack some peace of mind in your carry-on. With more than 25 years of experience providing international medical and travel insurance and services, IMG has plans to help you put your concerns aside and stay focused on your amazing trip.


Plans for Every Travel Need

IMG has insurance products to help you protect both yourself and the financial investment you’ve made in your trip.


Short Term Medical

Patriot® Travel Medical Insurance is a short term medical coverage plan to ensure you’re covered for a medical emergency when traveling outside your home country.F69 A good fit for college students studying abroad, international vacationers, families sponsoring exchange students, relatives visiting overseas and more.



Long Term Medical

Global Medical Insurance® is a long term, annually renewable major medical insurance plan.F69 Customizable and ideal for individuals or families living or working abroad, contract employees who work and live in other countries, and people with dual residencies that live six months or longer outside their home country.



Trip Insurance

iTravelInsured® is travel insurance with features like trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your trip, and emergency medical benefits, too, if you want.F70 Ideal for anyone traveling internationally, especially those taking cruises, booking international land tours or staying at a resort.



Global Services in Reach When You Need Them

And because IMG professionals are international travel insurance specialists, they’ve built unparalleled services to support their customers and their products including:

  • Multilingual customer service representatives to help overcome language barriers
  • International service center locations to ensure they can be available when and where you need them
  • Medical management services to give you 24/7 access to a Chief Medical Officer and registered nurses to coordinate emergency treatment even outside of regular business hours
  • Currency conversions to help eliminate costly conversion fees and get you the funds you need quickly

So, whatever your reason for leaving the country, however long you’re going to be gone, IMG wants to be on that trip with you to help ease some of your travel concerns. And they won’t even take the window seat.